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Okay, it's not a chihuahua, but today I found the most adorable Yorkshire Terrier pup on the internet. I googled "Free to Good Home" Perth and this was one of the few that popped up:

Even though there were already 15 hits I just had to ask for her. She was just too beautiful to pass up.

So I emailed and got a reply telling me (in extremely bad English) that the puppy's name was Precious and that her 'mum' was going to Cameroon to work for WHO so had to be rehomed. In order to get little Precious I had to answer some questions inlcuding "Are you a Christian?" "Are you married?" "Do you have children?" "Are you sure you can give my baby a good home?" I thought the final two questions were to be expected, but didn't know what my religious and relationship status had to do anything. I am, however, proud of my husband AND being a Witness so I answered as honestly as I could without giving the story of my life.

I appreciate your reply. Actually,
      since you have promised that,you are going to provide the best love and

      care, then i will be willing to provide these baby to you, which
      you will
be responsible just for the
shipping fee.for you to have this puppy it will cost you $195 for her re-homing fee and delivery at your door step
.These baby will be delivered right at your door steps, in
      an electronic crate, play toys, and work papers. We are not selling these
baby,but rather looking for a loving
      home to
provide her with love
and care ok...And if the shipping

      is made available now, then you are going to get the baby delivered to
      you, in about 8-9 hrs time. And as soon as you make the shipping fee
      available, i will take the puppy right away to the airport for
      them to be ship to your location.And as soon as i am done at the

      they are going to email you, with the flight details and the bill number
      ok.  So,if that is ok by
      you, we will need your full contact home address, where you will like the
      puppy to be delivered.


      FULL NAMES.........................





      HOUSE/CELL PHONE #...........


      With all these details, will help me to fill the delivery form at the
      airport, and also help the shipping agent, who will be the person to
  deliver the puppy at your
home, tress out your location for the

      delivery. Make sure that, as soon as you send the money, be at home in
      other to pick her up ok. So i will be waiting to read back from you



 OMG! It's the puppy equivalent of Nigeria spam. I would pay the money if I'd received a phone call from the woman (I gave her my mobile twice) but I can bet I'd be paying $195 for a dog that doesn't exist. Really, the fake photo of the model in the background should have been all the warning I need.

Stupid stupid me. I was a depressed person yesterday when I lost out on the chihuahua. Now I'm a depressed idiot.

I told myself if I didn't get this pup then I'd give up.

Time to check on Aiden's pet goldfish.


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Nov. 14th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC)
Have you tried the RSPCA at Malaga? They really know how to match you with a worthy pet. We got our cat from there and she's an absolutely perfect house cat. All you have to pay for is for vaccination and a very cheap spaying -- all up $70 when we got our cat about 8 years ago (a female).
Nov. 15th, 2008 02:26 am (UTC)
I got my cats from the RSPCA. :) It was great because I wasn't keen on getting a kitten and 'regular' pet stores only have kittens.
Nov. 14th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry, L, I'm not laughing at you, but that is hilarious!

Nov. 15th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
Oh wow, that email is both terrible and hilarious all at the same time... and the photo...

I strongly suggest you consider fostering or adopting a dog from a shelter. Thousands of healthy animals are killed each year because noone wants to look after them and the puppy mill trade is nothing short of horrific. *gets off soapbox*

The RSPCA in Malaga and the Dogs Rescue Home (aka the Shenton Park Dogs Home) would be good places to start and they also behaviour test, desex, vaccinate, microchip and deworm as part of the adoption fee. You could ask for an older dog and of course one that is good with children and they do try to match adoptees and adopters.

There is also the Swan Animal Haven out in Guildford, council pounds and numerous breed specific rescue groups. Also volunteering at a shelter or short term fostering may help you get some much needed dog contact whilst you find someone who is suitable for your situation.

Some links:

This site lists breed specific rescue groups in Perth- they even have a number for a chihuahua group:

( 4 ramblings — A penny for your thoughts )

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